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Welcome to Buffy's! We're a family business based in Northampton. Here at Buffy's we're committed to ensuring a relaxing, enjoyable groom for your best friend! That's why we have an open salon, that's right, no cages! We work on a one to one basis, and we always use skin friendly products. We offer a wide range of services so that your pooch is fully pampered.


We have a play pen with cosy beds and cuddly toys where dogs can interact and play. Whether you want to wait while your dog is being groomed or drop them off, there's no problem. Here at Buffy's we work around yours and your dog's needs. 

No matter how big or how small, we put the same care and attention into every furry friend. And come and meet Olive and Gus-Gus; they come to work every day and are a part of the team!

Jenny, Olive and Gus-Gus


Introducing Teeth Cleaning at Buffy's!

To This!

From this...

Perfect Pegs at Buffy’s! 

Sprinkle this on your fur babies food everyday and it will stop tarter building up and freshen their breath ☺️
Left untreated tartar will build up and can cause gum disease, tooth decay and of course smelly breath 😫

Save on vet bills, don’t put your baby though any anaesthetic! It may take one session, it could take more, it all depends on the amount of tarter and plaque but this brush will kill the bacteria 12mm deep, so, not just where to can see but where you can’t.

A non-invasive, non-vibrating, ultra-sonic toothbrush that prevents tooth loss.

Contact Buffy’s now for more Information on our pricing packages 🐶




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We are based in Northampton's Billing Garden Village. Once you enter the car park, we are in the far left of the car park, through the red Gates, and first on the left. We look forward to seeing you!

Opening Hours:

Monday       - 08:00- 17:00

Tuesday       - 08:00- 17:00

Wednesday - 08:00- 17:00

Thursday     - 08:00- 17:00

Friday          - 08:00- 17:00

Saturday      - Call for details

Sunday        - Closed

Where we are:

Billing Garden Village,

The Causeway,



Mobile: 07563 141415

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